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Securing Apps With Seworks

APRIL 3, 2015 • Faced with very low production budgets many independent mobile game developers will devote their scarce cash to spending on marketing to aid discovery of their titles. As a result, resources devoted to issues such as app security measures are more often than not extremely limited. This becomes a Catch-22 as when […]

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New Xbox One Markets

SEPT. 3, 2014 • September was already an important month for launching the Xbox One in new markets with China, Japan and India already announced. But this week Microsoft Corp. firmed up another 25 nations that will get the console. The new markets getting the Xbox One this week are: Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, […]

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Yodo1 Opens Up China

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APRIL 22, 2014 • With 3G and 4G mobile networks spreading coverage throughout China it is no surprise that overall smartphone penetration is growing significantly with a corresponding demand for mobile game content. That is a very tempting scenario for Western mobile game studios looking to expand revenue. Yet China is a very different market.  […]

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Tencent Takes CJ Games Stake

MARCH 28, 2014 • Tencent Holdings Ltd. continued its investment in significant game companies taking a 28% stake in South Korea’s CJ Games Corp for $500 million. The latter is one of the largest mobile game publishers in Korea and is a subsidiary of the huge CJ Group Pte. Ltd. Tencent now becomes the third-largest […]

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PC Sales Pick Up for Sega

FEB. 11, 2014 • In financial disclosures for the nine months ending December 31 Sega Sammy Holdings Inc. reported that its top selling retail games platform was PC games. In addition, the number of PC titles sold versus the same period the previous year grew from 770,000 to 2.3 million units, an increase of 198%. […]

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Toshiba TVs Get Game Streaming

JAN. 13, 2014 • Later this quarter Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. will include the GameNow streaming service in its latest slate of HDTVs. The models supporting GameNow include the L7400U, L5400U and the L3400U. The announcement came during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. GameNow is operated by Ubitus Inc. in Taiwan. […]

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Samsung Shifts to Vietnam

DEC. 16, 2013 • Vietnam is becoming the smartphone manufacturing preference for Samsung Electronics Co. The South Korean company currently has 13 manufacturing facilities in China but is leading a wave of Korean firms that are shifting their production to Vietnam. According to the Vietnamese government, South Korean firms had cleared 3,400 investment projects in […]

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Blade & Soul A Hit in China

DEC. 6, 2013 • After 18 months of release in South Korea NCsoft’s Blade and Soul entered open beta in China to great success with more than 150 million users registered. The martial arts-themed MMO was heavily localized for the Chinese market by Tencent Holdings Limited, with ambitious voice acting in Mandarin and art changes […]

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Samsung SDKs for TV Games

NOV 4, 2013 • Last week Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. held its first developers conference in San Francisco where it released a slew of new software development kits (SDKs) aimed at fostering more unique gaming on its smart TV and mobile platforms. The completely new Multiscreen SDK leverages a cloud publishing system for one-touch discovery […]


NHN Spins Off Divisions

AUG. 9, 2013 • Thirteen years after it came on the scene, Next Human Network Corp. (NHN) has been in the process of spinning off its online gaming and online portal businesses since the beginning of the month. The Hangame division now operates as NHN Entertainment Co., while the Naver search division has been renamed […]