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Kabam Bags Phoenix Age

MARCH 10, 2014 • Kabam, Inc. is bringing another independent studio under its banner, Phoenix Age. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. However, Kabam told the Wall Street Journal last month that it had more than $70 million in cash available. Since 2007 Kabam has raised $125 million through four funding series, and […]

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Target’s Mobile Game Plans

FEB. 28, 2014 • Through the end of this year Target Corp. plans on releasing six free-to-play mobile game titles. The content is fun and accessible, strictly promotional in design, and available for only a limited time. The retailer has released its first two titles this year in partnership with brand partners. Snack Bowl was […]


NHN Spins Off Divisions

AUG. 9, 2013 • Thirteen years after it came on the scene, Next Human Network Corp. (NHN) has been in the process of spinning off its online gaming and online portal businesses since the beginning of the month. The Hangame division now operates as NHN Entertainment Co., while the Naver search division has been renamed […]


PS Store Adds Mobile Pay

JULY 3, 2013 • Owners of Sony electronic devices in the United Kingdom can now add funds to their PlayStation Store or Sony Entertainment Network accounts by using a valid mobile phone account.  Charges will either appear on the user’s next phone bill, or will be deducted from their pre-paid plans. Sony added the option […]


It Takes Skill to Be the King

MAY 23, 2013 • Recent DFC reports have looked in depth at the size of the mobile and social game markets.  These include The Market for Browser and Social Network Games and The Global Market for Games and Entertainment Applications on Smartphones and Tablets.  These emerging markets have seen plenty of investment but established players […]


iOS Continues to Dominate

APRIL 30, 2013 •  A recently released report published by DFC Intelligence forecasts that games and applications developed for the Apple iOS will continue to dominate the growing mobile entertainment market over the next few years. The report, The Global Market for Games and Entertainment Applications on Smartphone and Tablets, was produced using historical tracking data from Priori Data. The most popular […]

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Has Apple Changed the Rules?

MARCH 12, 2013 • Sometimes life just isn’t fair. You can work and study hard, make the best grades and be praised for all your efforts.  But then some glib, fast-talking upstart with no experience or credentials sweeps in to take your place. That is how it must seem to many of the competitors in […]

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Strong & Weak In the New Order

MARCH 6, 2013 • Technology is an inherently disruptive undertaking. At the very least that disruption is relentlessly incremental, and at most, seriously transformative. The iPhone, for example, made its debut back in 2007, elevated smartphones up to a must-have status with consumers, and as a result, permitted Apple to muscle itself into the games business. […]

Many homes own multiple Apple devices.

Families Fond of Apple

MARCH 28, 2012 ● In a telephone poll of 836 households, the CNBC cable channel’s All-America Economic survey extrapolates that half of all U.S. homes have at least one Apple Inc. device. In those homes that have Apple devices, the average number owned is three. Impact: Apple really is sitting on top of the world. […]


Embracing HTML5 With Pangalore

NOV. 25, 2011 • The launching of another social game company is not such a novel event in the waning weeks of 2011. What is novel is when that new developer, in this case Pangalore, launched totally committed to the HTML5 platform mere weeks after Adobe announced suspension of further development of its Flash environment […]