Nvidia’s Pascal Doesn’t Disappoint

MAY 9, 2016 • Nvidia Corp.’s first GPUs based on its new Pascal architecture were unveiled on May 6 and the firm demonstrated performance specifications that exceeded its $1,000 top of the line TITAN X from last year. GTX 1080-based GPUs are slated to arrive at retail late this month, with the more affordable $379 […]


Growth Ahead for PC Game HW

DEC. 8, 2014 • According to a major international survey released by DFC Intelligence in conjunction with Raptr, Inc., PC gamers are no strangers to buying premium hardware brands. The recently conducted survey involved nearly 14,000 core PC gamers from around the world, more than three quarters of whom reside outside North America. One of […]


AMD Profits on Consoles

JAN. 22, 2014 • With more than 7 million PlayStation 4s and Xbox Ones sold in 2013 one of the biggest benefactors is Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). The system-on-a-chip (SoC) processors that are powering both of the new consoles are produced by AMD. For the fourth quarter ending December 31, the company’s Graphics and Visual […]


Corsair Still Sets Own Course

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NOV. 26, 2011 • One of the side effects of video game cycles that stretch on for a decade or more is that the game technology torch is passed to personal computers. While console development is locked into a stationary hardware specification, developers who want to push into advanced content territory can only do so […]


Slim PS3 Components Ordered

JUNE 30, 2009 • Reports out of Taiwan suggest that electronics suppliers there have received orders from Sony to produce components for a slimmer, lighter PS3. Impact: Reports out of Taiwan component suppliers are usually fairly broad stroke indicators of major changes to console hardware. While we often quibble with the time frames given for […]


Toshiba Buys Cell Fab Unit

OCT. 18, 2007 • Confirming reports in the Japanese business press, Toshiba agreed to acquire controlling interest in Sony’s Cell processor fabrication facilities, as well as another line that produces image processing chips – both of which are used in the PlayStation 3. The deals provide Sony with cash, reported to be ¥100 billion ($856 […]


Wii A Boon to Chip Makers

AUG. 15, 2007 • The Wii is proving to be a boon to the motion-sensing component segment. Japanese newspaper Nikkei reports that Mitsumi Electric, which supplies Wi-Fi components and power chips to Nintendo Co. Ltd for use in the Wii, has experienced a five-fold increase in operating profit. In Italy, STMicroelectronics, which produces sensors for […]