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Forecasting Games In English

DEC. 15, 2010 • DFC Intelligence has tended to focus on looking at markets by country and platform. This is obviously an important way to segment the market. However, as games are increasingly distributed online it becomes possible to reach a global audience without the traditional costs of physically entering a specific market. Therefore, it […]


TF 2 Gets Virtual Items

SEPT. 28, 2010 • Virtual item sales were added to Team Fortress 2 in an update by Valve Inc.  The 17 unlockable items can be purchased from 49 cents to $4.99, and were created by players. A percentage of each sale will be split with these item creators. Players who don’t want to pay for […]


Tracking DLC

JUNE 5, 2010 • The game industry is becoming increasingly reliant on releasing Downloadable Content (DLC) to generate additional revenue and extend a product’s momentum well beyond launch.  However it is clear that: 1) DLC works much better for some products than others and 2) the timing of a DLC release is critical to its […]

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Console Systems Go Online

NOV. 6, 2008 • DFC Intelligence has always argued that there are two major appeals of online games: 1) the ability of online games to directly generate significant revenue and 2) online features as the indirect driver of business through building a community, extending product lifecycle and enhancing consumer loyalty. With the Xbox Live, Microsoft […]


Football Games

JUNE 30, 2008 • A big theme of recent DFC Intelligence research has been platform diversity.  In 2007, four game platforms shipped over 10 million units, the Nintendo DS and Wii and the Sony PSP and PlayStation 2.  The Nintendo DS alone shipped nearly 30 million units.  Notably absent from that list was the Microsoft […]

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PC Game Market Ascendent

JUNE 20, 2008 • The PC game market is dead. Again. At least that’s what’s often been reported. If there has been a steep decline over the past few years, many people now are beginning to realize that this “decline” is actually just referring to sales of traditional boxed PC games at retail.  The reality […]

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2007 Posts Record Game Sales

MAY 29, 2008 • Led by the PlayStation 2 (PS2), the “128-bit” generation of video game systems has reached a record global installed base that is expected to exceed 180 million units.  Of course, the PS2 was the best-selling game system ever.  With high hardware prices and a slow start for most of the current […]


Nintendo Conquers Europe

APRIL 22, 2008 • Over the next few months DFC Intelligence will be releasing its forecast for the game industry.  2007 was a record year for the industry and it has resulted in some significant adjustments to our overall forecasts.  The two most notable international growth trends highlighted in 2007 were 1) the continued strength […]


Virtual Property Ascendent

NOV. 5, 2007 • As an attorney in New York, I work with game companies frequently and have for several years.  In addition, I am often asked to speak and write about subjects that affect the game industry.  One of the most popular subjects in the last two years is the development of virtual property […]


Casual Opportunities

JULY 23, 2007 • In recent years there has been a great deal of buzz over the “casual games business.” To an outside observer of the game industry it may seem as if there has suddenly been discovered a wide swath of consumers with different playing habits. In fact what is referred to as casual […]