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BF 1 Crushes DICE’s Past Titles

It is no secret that console retail game sales have struggled in 2016. The obvious question is can the fourth quarter reverse this trend or is this part of a systemic decline in the overall console market?
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PC Game Market Presentation

Earlier this month DFC Intelligence founder and CEO David Cole presented findings from the research firm's latest report titled, PC Game Market: Asia, North America, Europe. Available here are the slides Cole used during the presentation that cover the latest trends, games and significant developments along with DFC's latest market forecasts. A key focus was on how Virtual Reality (VR), Microsoft and high-end PC game hardware are driving PC game market growth.

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Finding Game Biz Opportunities

Of course, it is common knowledge by now that the global video game industry is very big business and consumers spend a great deal of money to play games. Many analysts, including DFC Intelligence, have tried to size the overall video game market. The latest DFC forecasts estimate that the size of the video game […]

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Game Industry Market Leaders

The game industry is obsessed with lists of what is the biggest and the best. In most cases the focus is on the games themselves and the companies that develop and publish those games. Of course, this is because these are the rock stars of the industry who are most familiar to the general consumer. […]

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PlayStation 4 Pulls Ahead

JAN. 25, 2016 • On January 5, Sony Computer Ent Inc. (SCEI) announced that cumulative PS4 hardware sales reached 35.9 million units worldwide as of the first of 2016. This number was remarkably close to the 36 million units DFC Intelligence forecasted for the PS4 in in our early 2015 Worldwide Game Market Forecasts. DFC Intelligence is […]


DFC Forecasts PS4 as Sales Leader

DEC. 10, 2013    LAUNCH WAS THE LARGEST EVER FOR A NEW CONSOLE SYSTEM • • SIGN UP WITH DFC INTELLIGENCE AND GET A FREE MARKET BRIEF • • A new brief from DFC Intelligence notes that the 2.1 million units sold in its first two weeks makes the Sony PlayStation 4 the biggest launch ever for a console […]


iOS Continues to Dominate

APRIL 30, 2013 •  A recently released report published by DFC Intelligence forecasts that games and applications developed for the Apple iOS will continue to dominate the growing mobile entertainment market over the next few years. The report, The Global Market for Games and Entertainment Applications on Smartphone and Tablets, was produced using historical tracking data from Priori Data. The most popular […]


Can Games Capture Big Ad Bucks?

OCT. 5, 2011 • DFC Intelligence recently released its first in a series of reports: on advertising and video games. Unlike other media with similar usage patterns, for various reasons, the video game industry has never been heavily supported by advertising.  This is expected to gradually change over time and thus DFC has started to […]


Focus On Korean Game Publishers

AUG. 12, 2011 • South Korea is one of the most advanced PC online gaming markets in the world thanks to savvy Internet users and modern infrastructure – fast broadband, payment solutions, and security to name a few. However, there have not been many comprehensive reports on this unique Korean gaming market in the United […]

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2011 Game Industry Overview

MAY 27, 2011 • The times they are a changing. So sang Bob Dylan in 1963 as his music helped define a generation of youth. In 2011 Bob Dylan celebrated his 70th birthday, still touring and playing to his fans of 1963, as well as an entire new generation of children and grandchild of those […]