Win 10 Courts Gamers

Windows 10 Free Upgrade

JAN. 23, 2015 • This week Microsoft Corp. unveiled a slew of features geared specifically for PC gamers at its Windows 10 press conference. First off, the company chose for the first time to offer the operating system as a free upgrade to all existing Windows 7 and Windows 8 owners for one year. Next, ...Continue Reading

$399 Xbox One w/o Kinect

Kinect Non-L

MAY 13, 2014 • Starting June 9 during the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, Microsoft Corp. will distribute a new $399 Xbox One SKU without a Kinect motion and sound input peripheral included in the box. The SKU will be available in all current Xbox One markets, although pricing outside North America has yet ...Continue Reading

Xbox Unit Gets New Chief


APRIL 1, 2014 • As part of an executive suite reshuffling at Microsoft Corp. new chief executive Satya Nadella has promoted Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer to lead the entire Xbox Unit. The appointment also represents a restructuring within the unit with Spencer in charge of the Xbox Platform team, Microsoft Studios, Xbox Live, Xbox ...Continue Reading

GAME’s Xbox Concept Store


JULY 22, 2013 • At the end of June research firm GfK Chart-Track reported that the Xbox 360 had overtaken the Nintendo Wii as the United Kingdom's best selling console at 8.4 million units. Now retailer GAME has opened an exclusive Xbox concept store in the Shoreditch district of London. The location is close to ...Continue Reading

XBL Real Money Beta Worries


JULY 10, 2013 • Microsoft Corp.'s beta test in the United Kingdom of the new real money transaction system for Xbox Live is raising some consumer alarms. Users in the test are reporting that games converted from Microsoft Points to real money are costing more.  The point values are being converted into pounds in real ...Continue Reading

Xbox Goes Subscription

Microsoft Store Locations: Featured Offer

MAY 2, 2012 ● Microsoft is introducing a new Xbox 360 business model that takes after mobile phone contracts. The company is now offering a 4GB 360 console with Kinect for $99. Consumers who take advantage of the deal agree to subscribe to Xbox Live for two years at $15 a month ($360). The same bundle ...Continue Reading

XBL Adds AAA TV Content

Now on Xbox Live.

MARCH 27, 2012 ● Xbox Live Gold members now have access to three new major content providers: HBO's GO on demand service that can deliver the cable channel's entire catalog, MLB.TV (Major League Baseball), and Comcast's Xfinity on-demand content service. Impact: In the new DFC Intelligence report Consoles as Entertainment Hubs, we noted that in March ...Continue Reading

No More XBL Auto Renew

Cancel Renewal-L

NOV. 11, 2011 • After years of lobbying by consumers, Microsoft Entertainment used a dashboard update to enable a new option to disable automatic renewal to Xbox Live. The previous policy of forcing automatic account renewal was seen as an account retention measure. Impact: Automatic renewals, where a credit card is charged until a consumer takes a ...Continue Reading

EA Sports Season Tix


AUG. 2, 2011 • Starting with Madden NFL 12, Electronic Arts is making available the EA Sports Season Ticket for $24.99 a year.  The biggest attraction is that it provides PSN and Xbox Live users the opportunity to play upcoming EA Sports titles three days prior to the official retail lease via a digital download of ...Continue Reading

Netflix Top Video Sub Provider


APRIL 28, 2011 • Netflix is now the largest provider of subscription video content in the U.S. Thanks to its increasingly popular video streaming service, Netflix saw its global subscriber base increase 70% to 23.6 million during the past year. In the process, Netflix jumped ahead of Comcast in the U.S. with more than 7% ...Continue Reading