CCP Cancels Vampire MMO


APRIL 14, 2014 • When CCP Games acquired Atlanta-based White Wolf Publishing late in 2006 an MMO based on the Vampire: The Masquerade RPG series was already in the planning stages. Although production on World of Darkness was intended to start in the 2008-2009 timeframe, the title never exited pre-production and has now been officially ...Continue Reading

Tencent Takes CJ Games Stake

Everybody ChaChaCha-L

MARCH 28, 2014 • Tencent Holdings Ltd. continued its investment in significant game companies taking a 28% stake in South Korea's CJ Games Corp for $500 million. The latter is one of the largest mobile game publishers in Korea and is a subsidiary of the huge CJ Group Pte. Ltd. Tencent now becomes the third-largest ...Continue Reading

Kabam Bags Phoenix Age

Underworld Empire-L

MARCH 10, 2014 • Kabam, Inc. is bringing another independent studio under its banner, Phoenix Age. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. However, Kabam told the Wall Street Journal last month that it had more than $70 million in cash available. Since 2007 Kabam has raised $125 million through four funding series, and ...Continue Reading

King Finally Files IPO

King Art-L

FEB. 18, 2014 • After spending several years mulling over its options, skill games company King has filed for a $500 million IPO on the New York Stock Exchange. The maker of the popular Candy Crush Saga intends to use the symbol KING. Bank of America Corp., Credit Suisse Group AG, and JP Morgan Chase ...Continue Reading

GTA V Boosts Take-Two

GTA Online Card-L

FEB. 4, 2014 • Holiday releases led by Grand Theft Auto V led Take-Two Interactive to non-GAPP revenue of $767.7 million for the fiscal third quarter ending December 31. That total beat Take-Two's forecast of $650 million to $700 million, and was a significant increase over the $405 million in revenue tallied for the same ...Continue Reading

Dota 2 Unbound

Dota-2-Screen 2-L

DEC. 18, 2013 • Access to Dota 2 is now open to all players. Last July Valve ended the Dota 2 beta and officially launched the game – sort of. The virtual gates to the game servers were not thrown wide open. Instead, Valve launched with a gatekeeping system. Players had to register on a ...Continue Reading

Blade & Soul A Hit in China

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DEC. 6, 2013 • After 18 months of release in South Korea NCsoft's Blade and Soul entered open beta in China to great success with more than 150 million users registered. The martial arts-themed MMO was heavily localized for the Chinese market by Tencent Holdings Limited, with ambitious voice acting in Mandarin and art changes ...Continue Reading

Rockstar Pays Hush Money


OCT. 11, 2013 • Less than a month after launching the Grand Theft Auto Online component of Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar Games is sending large amounts of in-game cash to players to help make up for technical problems in the MMO. GTA Online has experienced technical glitches that resulted in the loss of player ...Continue Reading

GTA Online Arrives

GTA Online-L

OCT. 1, 2013 • One of the most intriguing features of Grand Theft Auto V is the inclusion of access to Grand Theft Auto Online. The separate online world became available two weeks after the release of Grand Theft Auto V, which has already generated more than $1 billion in worldwide revenue.  Rockstar Games is ...Continue Reading

FIFA Goes F2P in Russia & Brazil


AUG. 12, 2013 • Following on the successful introduction of the free-to-play FIFA Online 3 in South Korea last December Electronic Arts is expanding the license outside of Asia to Russia and Brazil with the F2P FIFA World this November. FIFA Online 3, in partnership with Nexon, has grown to be the No. 1 online ...Continue Reading