CCP Cancels Vampire MMO


APRIL 14, 2014 • When CCP Games acquired Atlanta-based White Wolf Publishing late in 2006 an MMO based on the Vampire: The Masquerade RPG series was already in the planning stages. Although production on World of Darkness was intended to start in the 2008-2009 timeframe, the title never exited pre-production and has now been officially ...Continue Reading

Target’s Mobile Game Plans

Pop It-L

FEB. 28, 2014 • Through the end of this year Target Corp. plans on releasing six free-to-play mobile game titles. The content is fun and accessible, strictly promotional in design, and available for only a limited time. The retailer has released its first two titles this year in partnership with brand partners. Snack Bowl was ...Continue Reading

SOE Downsizes Slate

FR Char Creation-L

JAN. 27, 2014 • Four prominent MMOs are being shut down by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE). The publisher announced that Clone Wars Adventures and Free Realms will be closed on March 31, with Vanguard: Saga of Heroes and Wizardry Online going away on July 31. As recently as two years ago Clone Wars Adventures had ...Continue Reading

Perfect World Does Console


DEC. 19, 2013 • Perfect World Entertainment Inc., the North American subsidiary of Chinese parent Perfect World Co., Ltd., has set up a division to produce free-to-play content for current and next-generation video game systems. The Chinese publisher is well established as a provider of popular F2P MMO games for the PC while the U.S. ...Continue Reading

Dota 2 Unbound

Dota-2-Screen 2-L

DEC. 18, 2013 • Access to Dota 2 is now open to all players. Last July Valve ended the Dota 2 beta and officially launched the game – sort of. The virtual gates to the game servers were not thrown wide open. Instead, Valve launched with a gatekeeping system. Players had to register on a ...Continue Reading

Blade & Soul A Hit in China

BS InGame-L

DEC. 6, 2013 • After 18 months of release in South Korea NCsoft's Blade and Soul entered open beta in China to great success with more than 150 million users registered. The martial arts-themed MMO was heavily localized for the Chinese market by Tencent Holdings Limited, with ambitious voice acting in Mandarin and art changes ...Continue Reading

China Mobile Game Growth


NOV. 26, 2013 • The mobile gaming market in China is expected to reach 10.9 billion yuan ($1.8 billion) in 2013, of which 74% of that revenue is generated on smartphones. The estimates were provided by Baidu, Inc. senior vice president of strategy Sun Zude in an interview with the Chinese Internet Data Research Information ...Continue Reading

Priori Targets App Data

Priori logo-L

SEPT. 23, 2013 • A big issue in the mobile and online space is trying to understand the size of the market and the potential for products in the marketplace.  This information is critical for developers and investors looking to make smart decisions.  Unfortunately there has been a great deal of hype and misinformation when ...Continue Reading

Wilson New EA CEO


SEPT. 18, 2013 • Electronic Arts has pulled from within to fill the chief executive post vacated by the departure of John Riccitiello last March. Andrew Wilson, the executive vice president of EA Sports and the Origin online portal for digital games and services, has been tapped to become the publisher's new CEO. Wilson has ...Continue Reading

Facebook’s Mobile Aspirations

FB Mobile-L

SEPT. 5, 2013 • At the end of July Facebook announced that it was jumping further into the business of mobile games with a pilot program pragmatically titled Mobile Games Publishing. Despite the wording, Facebook won't actually be funding titles or actively participating in their development. Mobile Games Publishing is more accurately described as a ...Continue Reading