Mojang Goes For $2.5B

minecraft 360-L

SEPT. 15, 2014 • Following two weeks of leaked accounts that Minecraft studio Mojang AB was in negotiations to be acquired by Microsoft Corp., both parties announced that the developer will be purchased for $2.5 billion. The deal is set to close by the end of 2014. Mojang and its game properties will pass to ...Continue Reading

Digital Extremes Targeted

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JULY 8, 2014 • In a disclosure with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Sumpo Food Holdings Ltd. has outlined its intent to partner with Perfect Online Holding Ltd. to acquire Ontario, Canada-based developer Digital Extremes Ltd. The Chinese firms have entered into a non-binding term sheet with the studio under which Digital Extremes agrees not ...Continue Reading

Behind Ninja Metrics’ Veil


JUNE 1, 2014 • How and why people spend money in games has taken on much greater importance as the free-to-play model has taken root worldwide. What is relatively novel is which players influence purchases by other players. The concept is not new, consumer electronics companies have been cultivating early adopters for decades – people ...Continue Reading

Native Linux CryEngine


MARCH 13, 2014 • At this month's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco Crytek GmbH will be demonstrating its latest generation CryEngine (the developer ceased numbering its engine after CryEngine 3) which includes fully native support for Linux. Although Crytek ported CryEngine 3 to Linux, and Kingdom Come: Deliverance from Prague-based Warhorse Studios uses that ...Continue Reading

Kabam Bags Phoenix Age

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MARCH 10, 2014 • Kabam, Inc. is bringing another independent studio under its banner, Phoenix Age. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. However, Kabam told the Wall Street Journal last month that it had more than $70 million in cash available. Since 2007 Kabam has raised $125 million through four funding series, and ...Continue Reading

The Rise & Fall of Flappy Bird


FEB. 10, 2014 • The pride of Vietnam's mobile app development scene, Nguyen Ha Dong, has removed his hugely popular Flappy Bird game from distribution. The free title was released last May and existed in relative obscurity until November when iOS downloads skyrocketed. Soon Flappy Bird was getting between 1 million and 2 million downloads ...Continue Reading

EA Outsources MMOs


FEB. 5, 2014 • Two classic MMOs owned by Electronic Arts, Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot, are being moved from division Mythic Entertainment to a new independent studio, Broadsword Online Games. Broadsword was started by a group of Mythic alumni including co-founder Rob Denton. EA retains ownership of both MMOs along with billing ...Continue Reading

BNDeNA to Close


JAN. 21, 2014 • BNDeNA, the joint venture between Bandai Namco and DeNA to produce social mobile games, will be disbanded as of March 31. The partnership was launched in October of 2011 as BDNA and headquartered in Tokyo. Initial capitalization was a trim ¥100 million ($1.3 million), and Bandai Namco retained a 75% ownership ...Continue Reading

DayZ Alpha Sells 1M


JAN. 14, 2014 • Bohemia Interactive's survival horror game DayZ has amassed sales of one million units on Steam's Early Access program since the alpha became available to purchase on December 16. Early Access is both a crowdsource funding mechanism, as well as a community building opportunity. Paying $29.95 for the alpha guarantees users full ...Continue Reading

Who Pirated Football Manager ’13?

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NOV. 21, 2013 • It took six months after the PC release of Football Manager 2013 last November before a cracked version began circulating on the Internet and soon more than 10 million unique free downloads of the sports game were tallied.  Nothing extraordinary there except perhaps that it took so long before such an ...Continue Reading