Disney Snaps Up LucasFilm


OCT. 31, 2012 • THe Walt Disney Company is purchasing LucasFilm Ltd., for $4.05 billion. The latter is wholly owned by chairman George Lucas, who will receive roughly $2 billion in cash, and the remainder in 40 million shares of Disney stock. Disney is acquring Lucas' entire entertainment holdings, including the LucasArts video game division, ...Continue Reading

SmartGlass Examined

SmartGlass Logo-L

OCT. 31, 2012 • The Kinect motion controller was a tremendous boon to the Xbox 360 released far back in 2005 – helping to extend market share for the console at the very time that sales should have been trailing off.  While much outside attention is being focused on what the next Xbox will look ...Continue Reading

Zynga Cuts Back

zynga building-L

OCT. 24, 2012 • Zynga chief executive Mark Pincus distributed an internal memo throughout the company announcing strategic cuts ahead of reporting third-quarter financial results. Measures taken include sunsetting 13 older games that were significantly reducing investment in The Ville; closing the Zynga Boston studio and the proposed closures of the Japan and U.K. studios; ...Continue Reading

Wii Drops to $129.95


OCT. 15, 2012 • In anticipation of the Nov. 18 launch of the Wii U, Nintendo of America is reducing the price of the original Wii to $129.95 from $149.95. The new package should be shipped-in to retailers by Oct. 28, includes a black console, Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, a Wiimote Plus, and ...Continue Reading

Legends Boasts 32M MAU


OCT. 12, 2012 • League of Legends has become the poster child for successful free-to-play games. According to Riot Games, the online arena title is now attracting 32 million active users a month, based on a total of 70 million registered accounts. Further, the game is attracting 12 million players a day, with an average ...Continue Reading

84-Inch 4K TVs Arrive


OCT. 10, 2012 • The arrival of 3D did very little to drive high-definition television sales, but what turns out to be bringing consumers out to purchase a new set these days is screen size. The industry statistics that LG Electronics is sharing are that while the worldwide TV market saw a decrease of 6% ...Continue Reading

Nexon Acquires gloops

gloops-Daishoukan! Magigate

OCT. 1, 2012 • All outstanding shares of Japanese mobile developer gloops, Inc. were acquired by Nexon Co., Ltd. for ¥36.5 billion ($468 million) in cash. The developer is one of the major content providers for DeNA’s Mobage platform with titles such as Japan Pro Baseball Card Battle, Warriors of Odin and Three Kingdoms Guild ...Continue Reading