Nintendo Profit Up to ¥650 Billion

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AUG. 30, 2008 • Nintendo Co. Ltd. lifted its profit forecast for the fiscal year ending March 31 from ¥530 billion ($5 billion) to ¥650 billion ($6.1 billion). The gamemaker sees total sales for the fiscal year to top ¥2 trillion. Impact:  The profit that Nintendo is now making from its game systems is exceeding its ...Continue Reading

160GB PS3 Coming Soon


AUG. 29, 2008 • SCEE chief David Reeves told trade publication MCV that the upcoming 160GB PlayStation 3 was a "limited edition" model to test demand for a more expensive package. Reeves also said there would be no other changes to PS3 hardware ahead of the holiday period. Impact:  DFC Intelligence admits to a prejudice against ...Continue Reading

10% of China Teens Net-Addicted

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AUG. 29, 2008 • Around 10 percent of Chinese teenagers were "Internet-addicted," according to Li Jianguo, vice chairman of the standing committee of the National People's Congress. Li's committee has called for stricter monitoring of inappropriate content. Already since 2006, players of Internet games in China have been required to provide their true names and ...Continue Reading

Tecmo Wooed In Takeover Bids

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AUG. 28, 2008 • Square Enix announced a friendly takeover bid for Tecmo. The former would purchase a majority of Tecmo stock for ¥920 ($8.60) a share, a premium over the ¥708 ($6.62) Tecmo shares were trading at. The offer was made after legal difficulties had forced Tecmo's president to resign. Square Enix said it ...Continue Reading

Wii First to 1 Million Sold


AUG. 26, 2008 • The Wii becomes the first current-generation console to pass the 1 million-sold mark in Canada, according to NPD Funworld data. Coming in second was the Xbox 360 at 870,000, and the PS3 selling 520,000. Five of the Top 10 selling titles in Canada during May were Wii games, and three more ...Continue Reading

Ads Tip Off 360 Price Cut


AUG. 26, 2008 • Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart and Radio Shack retail advertisements confirm an Xbox 360 price cut taking place in the United States. on Sept. 7. New MSRPs for the Arcade, Pro and Elite SKUs after the reduction are $199, $299 and $399. Impact: Price cuts are always very welcome and should definitely  result ...Continue Reading

Nintendo NEX Latin America 2008


AUG. 21, 2008 • At Nintendo NEX Latin America 2008, a conference held in Playa Bonita, Panama, Nintendo vice president of sales and marketing Cammie Dunaway stated that Latin American sales are 50% higher than last year. The gamemaker says two top Latin American markets for Nintendo are Mexico and Brazil. Bill van Zyll, in ...Continue Reading

EA Cancels Take-Two Bid


AUG. 18, 2008 • After months of active pursuit, Electronic Arts canceled its hostile $2 billion takeover bid of Take-Two Interactive. Executives of both firms continue to negotiate though. Take-Two executive chairman Strauss Zelnick has agreed to share its three-year product pipeline and financial forecasts to EA to further discussions. Impact: As soon as Electronic Arts ...Continue Reading

Funcom and Age of Conan


AUG 17, 2008 • On May 20, 2008 one of the most anticipated online games of the year was released by Funcom, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. Conan was highly anticipated and got off to a quick start. After only a week, Funcom issued a press release claiming over 400,000 gamers had entered the game. ...Continue Reading

Xbox 360 Outsells PS3 in Japan


AUG. 15, 2008 • Thanks to the popularity of Namco Bandai's Tales of Vesperia in Japan, the Xbox 360 outsold the PlayStation 3 2.5-to-one. For the week ending Aug. 10, Xbox 360 sales jumped from 5,359 units to 24,962 units according to Media Create.  Sales of Tales of Vesperia for the week were 108,000 units. ...Continue Reading