Spoon Buoys Cloud Gaming


OCT. 22, 2010 • The trend in free-to-play online games is for more involved titles that mirror the depth and quality of retail products. DFC Intelligence recently published a major report on client-based free-to-play games. This report forecasts the number of … Continue reading

Aeria Leads Client-Based F2P


AUG. 26, 2010 • DFC Intelligence just released the new report, The Market for English Language Client Based F2P Games. In that report we forecast that, on the PC platform, this market will reach $2 billion by the year 2015. … Continue reading

Tracking DLC


JUNE 5, 2010 • The game industry is becoming increasingly reliant on releasing Downloadable Content (DLC) to generate additional revenue and extend a product’s momentum well beyond launch.  However it is clear that: 1) DLC works much better for some … Continue reading

How To Eat An Elephant


MARCH 26, 2010 • At the VCON event during the 2010 Game Developer’s conference, DFC Intelligence analyst David Cole gave a presentation entitled “Eating An Elephant One Bite at a Time: How buying in small increments is likely to cause … Continue reading

Consumers & Downloadable Items

mbc Game Network Show-L

MARCH 26, 2010 • DFC Intelligence has been monitoring trends in digital distribution since 1994. By 2001, we had begun tracking the game market in South Korea. We chose South Korea as a primary case study for numerous reasons, but … Continue reading

The Rich Get Richer

Modern Warfare 2 Box-L

JAN. 18, 2010 • One of the biggest issues that has emerged in the game industry recently is the growing gap between the haves and the have nots. Big budget games based on well-known franchises are not only smashing all … Continue reading

Keeping MMO Users Around


NOV. 17, 2009 • One of the biggest issues facing subscription games is keeping gamers around for the long haul.  The success of Activision Blizzard’s World of Warcraft has been due to the fact that gamers have been surprisingly loyal … Continue reading

PS3′s Time to Shine


OCT. 1, 2009 • On September 1, 2009, we finally got it: a new PlayStation 3 priced at $299 (€299, £249, ¥29980).  Since its launch in 2006, the PlayStation 3 had been a big, intimidating piece of equipment with a … Continue reading

A New Reality For The Console Biz

Video game software has miraculously maintained $50-plus prices since NES cartridges were state-of-the-art.

AUG. 31, 2009 • The news in 2009 has not been entirely positive for the video game industry. Sales are down in what was once considered a growing, recession proof industry. Of course, the mentality is to look at short-term … Continue reading

Digital Distribution Costs

More and more players are getting their games digitally.

JUNE 8, 2009 • The future of distribution is online. Across a spectrum of entertainment industries and services, a growing number of businesses are reaching consumers via online distribution rather than through old-fashioned brick-and-mortar storefronts. Of course, retailing is not … Continue reading