Facebook & Zynga’s New Deal

Nov. 30, 2012 • In regulatory statements filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Facebook Inc. and Zynga Inc. amended the terms binding content distribution and revenue giving both companies more freedom. Facebook now gains the opportunity to publish its own titles. In return, Zynga no longer must use Facebook as the primary distribution platform for […]


3DS XL Gets Karted

NOV. 28, 2012 • Less than a month before Dec. 25th Nintendo of America announced its holiday plans for 3DS XL. The system, which sports 90% more screen area than the 3DS, was originally released on Aug. 19.  With no change to the standalone $199 price the special edition 3DS XL bundle includes a copy […]

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OpenFeint Servers to Close

NOV. 19, 2012 • On Nov. 16, smartphone developers started receiving notices from GREE that the latter was terminating servers of the cross-platform mobile social network OpenFeint on Dec. 14. GREE acquired OpenFeint in 2011 for $104 million. Previous to this announcement GREE had told developers of its intention to migrate all users to its own […]


GameFly Digital Client Launches

Nov. 9, 2012 • Eleven months after the open beta inauguration of its PC digital content client, game rental retailer GameFly officially launched the service with a free download of 2K Games’ Bioshock. The company entered the digital distribution business in August of 2011 with the acquisition of the Direct2Drive service from IGN. Using the […]


Aeria Embraces Mobile

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NOV. 8, 2012 • There is a flood of free-to-play publishers making bold moves to carve out territory on mobile platforms. While it cannot be contested that many consumers are now completely enamored with their smartphones and tablets, there are mounting questions about how many games these consumers will actually pay for on their mobile […]