Disney Buys Junction Point

OCT. 29, 2009 • Warren Spector’s Junction Point Studios was purchased by Disney Interactive in 2007, and the AAA gamemaker’s first title post-acquisition will be Epic Mickey for the Wii. The title is an platform adventure game that takes place is a separate animated world where long-forgotten Disney cartoon characters have been trapped, and Mickey […]

Changyou Logo-L

Chinese Publishers Go Global

OCT. 28, 2009 • Chinese online game companies flush with cash after successful IPOs have ambitions of bringing their products to the West in much the same way as Korean publishers have. Last September, Shanda Games was carved out of Shanda Interactive with a goal of expanding into other world markets.  Back in April, Changyou’s […]


Netflix Arrives on PS3

OCT. 26, 2009 • Based on reports earlier this year that Netflix was working on support for game platforms other than the Xbox 360, the DVD rental firm announced that it would start delivering films via the PlayStation Network starting in November. PS3 owners who have a monthly $9 or higher Netflix subscription can stream […]


Larger Screen for DS

OCT. 26, 2009 • The Nikkei business daily reports that Nintendo will release a new version of the DS on Nov. 22. The big change would be the substitution of 4.2-inch screens in the DS LL. The new model will be priced similarly to the current DSi at ¥20,000 (US$220).  The DS has 3-inch screens […]

PS3 250-L

Upgraded PS3 SKU

OCT. 15, 2009 • Sony Computer Entertainment confirmed the immediate availability of an upgraded SKU of the recently launched $299 PlayStation 3 Slim. The new 250GB version of the console retails for $349 and will be marketed around providing much more storage for online downloads than the original 120GB Slim model. Impact: DFC Intelligence has never […]


Wal-Mart Rolls Out Used Games

OCT. 6, 2009 • Based on its test of used game kiosks that began in May, Wal-Mart announced that it was rolling out used sales to all of its stores. PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and DS titles will be offered at between 15% and 30% off original MSRP. Impact: GameStop’s focus on used games has […]


CD Projekt Goes Public

OCT. 2, 2009 • Polish distributor CD Projekt (who also owns digital distributor GoG.com) is bypassing the normal procedures to go from a private company to a publicly-traded company. To that end, CD Projekt has signed a letter of intent with Optimus S.A., a near defunct PC assembly enterprise. The latter is publicly traded, and […]


PSP-3000 Price Cut

OCT. 1, 2009 • A month ahead of its PSP Go launch in Japan, Sony Computer Entertainment reduced the price of the PSP-3000 from ¥19,800 ($218) to ¥16,800 ($185). The new price is the same as Nintendo’s DS Lite, and cheaper than the newer DSi at ¥18,900 ($210). The Go will launch at ¥26,800 ($295) on […]


PS3′s Time to Shine

OCT. 1, 2009 • On September 1, 2009, we finally got it: a new PlayStation 3 priced at $299 (€299, £249, ¥29980).  Since its launch in 2006, the PlayStation 3 had been a big, intimidating piece of equipment with a price tag to match.  At a launch price of $600, the PlayStation 3 was simply […]