Renaissance Equips Wii

SEPT. 30, 2008 • N64s were once a common sight in hotel rooms during that system’s cycle. Now the Wii will be available with 20 titles to play at the Renaissance New York Times Square, and Marriott chain hotels in five other United States cities. The games will be pre-loaded so no handling of discs […]


EA Cancels Tiberium

SEPT. 30, 2008 • Citing fundamental design challenges that could not be corrected, EA canceled Tiberium. The FPS had been slated for 2009 release on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. The move was unusual given a title based in the popular Command & Conquer franchise. Impact: It was claimed that Tiberium was not meeting […]


Blu-ray Sees Slow Growth

SEPT. 24, 2008 • HD-DVD may be gone, yet Blu-ray hasn’t seen the market share growth Sony expected. Sony President Ryoji Chubachi estimated last April that Blu-ray would attain 50% of DVD market share by the end of 2008. According to Nielsen VideoScan, Blu-ray’s share grew from six percent in April to eight percent now. […]


Spore DRM Riles Users

SEPT. 23, 2008 • Spore sold more than 1 million units worldwide since its release on Sept. 7, according to Electronic Arts. Unfortunately for the publisher, enough PC consumers experienced problems with that version’s DRM to file a class action claim. The claim alleges that SecuROM, which installs secretly with the game, operates in the […]

Force Unleashed-L

Force Unleashed Sells 1.5M

SEPT. 23, 2008 • After one week in release, LucasArts announces that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed sold 1.5 million units worldwide. That made the title fastest-selling Star Wars game released to date. Impact: The Star Wars license remains a powerhouse and sales for The Force Unleashed show that licenses clearly do drive sales.  The […]


Cut Warhammer Content to Return

SEPT. 18, 2008 • Some of the substantial content that was cut from Warhammer Online to smooth progress to a fall release date will return later in the form of free updates from EA’s Mythic Entertainment. There were consumer worries that the deleted content would be added only as a paid expansion.  The substantial cuts […]


Music Games Good For Labels

SEPT. 16, 2008 • In an indirect response to music industry complaints that it doesn’t receive enough compensation from popular games such as Guitar Hero, Activision Blizzard presented Universal Music Group president Zach Horowitz to an analyst meeting. Horowitz said music tracks used in Guitar Hero saw a two or threefold in sales. As example, […]

EA Logo-L

EA Cancels Take-Two Talks

SEPT. 14, 2008 • With the fall selling season fast approaching, Electronic Arts announced that it was breaking off takeover talks with Take-Two after careful consideration of the latter’s management presentation and due-diligence materials. Impact: The soap opera appears to finally be over for the time being. However, EA was offering $26 a share and […]


Capcom Looking Outside Japan

SEPT. 12, 2008 • In a shareholder financial report, Capcom chief executive Kenzo Tsujimoto outlined goals of expanding the publisher’s business in global markets. To that end, Tsujimoto said Capcom would not be entertaining acquisitions or mergers in Japan, yet would be aggressively pursue acquisitions and partnerships worldwide. As of March 2008, the company said […]


Blizzard Buys FreeStyleGames

SEPT. 12, 2008 • To bolster its music-themed product, Activision Blizzard acquires U.K.-based FreeStyleGames. The latter is already localizing downloadable content for the Guitar Hero franchise, and is creating a new unannounced title in the music game genre. Impact: The music genre is now a powerhouse and its potential is just now starting to be […]